Traveling without moving.

Take a tantalizing trip through the LUX metaverse and you’ll enjoy social experiences, create your own avatar and virtual persona. Take a break from the real world by building your own property, attending events, making new friends, exchanging goods and LUX tokens or playing games and enjoying fully immersive VR experiences.

Join in through your PC, MAC or VR headset to become an active first-party participant with your friends and family.

Play, build, explore, interact.

Your own LUX world starts here with an unlimited number of social VR interactions and endless possibilities to shape your own metaverse experiences.

Why users love LUX:

◉ Interact with people from anywhere across the globe
◉ Play games, attend events and have fun
◉ Express yourself authentically
◉ Build worlds and invite people to enjoy them
◉ Change up your identity with unique new avatars
◉ Meet new people and build long lasting friendships
◉ VR users say it helps them overcome social anxiety

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Use your LUX Entertainment Card to join music, gaming, sport, or other social events – without leaving your living room.

The $LUX Token is the utility token for the LUX ecosystem and is powered by NFT.

All the activities within the LUX ecosystem will be accessible to those who own $LUX tokens, including owning property and attending live stream events.

$LUX Utility


By staking a certain amount of $LUX, you will be qualified for unique roles within the community. These roles will make you eligible for discounts within the platform, future airdrops, and more.

Purchasable Items

By using $LUX, users of the LUX metaverse will be able purchase digital goods as NFTs, which will be usable within the environment.

Play to Earn

Play-to-earn NFT games are where players can monetize their time while playing video games. This model is the latest addition to the NFT market in the metaverse.

Metaverse property represents the right to choose your own lifestyle.

Whether you want to have a ready property or design your own property with digital assets, the choice is yours. You can invite visitors and visit others’ virtual homes, too.

Digital Galleries and Museums

Whether you are a traditional or NFT artist, these digital spaces allow you to show off your work, gain new fans and reach a wider audience than ever before. Owning any LUX AI piece will offer perks or benefits within the LUX metaverse.

We have a lean developer culture

The LUX team has a lean development culture, and believes in constantly updating and improving our assets and experiences. Any content we release is subject to change, and we look forward to the feedback we receive from our LUX community.

To create demos and tests of our product we utilize assets that can be replaced in the final product. Note that content within the demos is subject to change.

Ultimately LUX is community driven. It’s about interaction and user feedback to create the best and most immersive VR experiences possible. When you participate in the LUX community you are actively helping to shape the future of our VR universe.

Here you have documentation to: Upload custom avatar
Here is our: Media kit