A triangle of species must learn to co-exist in harmony or find a way for their own beliefs to prevail over the others and become the dominant ideals in society.

Humans, cyborgs and AI robots each have their own unique perspectives, and while they are not irrevocable enemies yet, we are living through the start of a potentially intense conflict... is it too late or can peace be found?

Choose your alliance, pick you avatar, and help shape the future of the LUX metaverse.

The human alliance believes humans should live as human beings. They believe they should keep their dignity and original DNA and reconstruct the word around them to further humanity. They are against living as cyborgs and making biomechanical advancements to their bodies.
Hybrid (cybernetic and organism) are humans with both organic and biomechatronic body parts. Cyborgs believe that humans should modify their bodies to make them stronger and that this gives them an advantage so they can also fight against AI Robots. They are suspicious of AI robots and their motives.
The AI robot alliance are mechanical robots with advanced artificial intelligence. They see the damage that humans have done to the earth and believe their behavior is bad for the planet and the future of the environment. As a result the AI Robot alliance are good to nature and animals and are out to protect them from damage and pollution.